Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fun Patriotic July 4th USA Things To Make With Quilt Fabric

I have the coolest neighbors here in my Utah town. A little while after I moved in to my current house, an amazing fabric designer, Samantha Walker, gave me some pieces of her fabric after she heard that I like to sew. She designs through a company called Riley Blake Designs, and her stuff is just INSANELY cute. Just look at some of these collections she has done:

One of the many cool pieces from her Parade on Main collection.

Fabric with dresses on it! How META is that?!

Adorable Glampers setting down for a night of glamping.

If you don't see these for sale on the Riley Blake site, just do a search on Google for her name and what's on the fabric. The designs are sold on many quilting websites and physical stores, not just Riley Blake.

I hope I've convinced you that she is just AMAZING. So when she gave me a pile of fabric from her Parade on Main collection based on fireworks, rockets and patriotic festivities, I fervently promised to make some unique items from them and blog about them to help promote her like crazy because she deserves to be known.

But you know, I kind of...had just had a baby. On top of that, I also had a toddler. So life dragged me under, and for two years I was heavily in the trenches of motherhood. It completely stifled me artistically. And mentally. But we won't go there. Because THIS is a long delayed triumph -- I've actually created something that I can finally show to the world.

I call it Sammy the Eagle! Because Uncle Sam + Samantha Walker, that's why!

It's...different, it didn't quite go as I planned, but if it even inspires ONE PERSON to go out there, buy some of Samantha's fabric and whip out the most adorable BBQ apron the world has ever seen, then my shoddy work here is fulfilled!

I meant it to be a little costume type thing that my kid could wear around July 4th to cute out the neighbors as they try not to burn down the mountain while shooting Whopping Whistlers and all those other crazily named doohickeys. He didn't really care for it, but was gracious enough to allow me a couple photos to show the scale and versatility of the outfit.

It's not perfect, but HE is, so it works.

I have a couple more projects in the works. This particular one only used the striped and dotted fabrics that are meant to complement the COOL stuff, like these designs:

So if you missed a chance to make something fun for July 4th this year, get an early start for next year! Make some gifts, some teddy bears, some cute dresses and quilts!