Sunday, June 7, 2015

How To Throw A Jurassic Park Dinosaur Party

Jurassic World comes out next week! This is an historic occasion deserving of a great premiere party to gear up for the next installment of the groundbreaking series known as Jurassic Park!

I threw my friends a party this weekend complete with a marathon of all 3 Jurassic Park movies, fun host costumes and an array of themed dishes sure to satisfy any hungry T-Rex. Check out some photos from the party and an explanation of the dishes to get some fun ideas!

Here's a video that summarizes everything we did. For more details, read on!

To dress my family up as Jurassic Park characters, I headed to the local Savers thrift store. I found everything I needed in one go (lucky!). Here's the breakdown of what you need to complete the look:

Dr. Alan Grant: cowboy hat, aviator sunglasses, classic red paisley scarf, blue denim button up shirt with breast pockets and rolled up sleeves, brown belt, khaki pants, comfy hiking boots

Dr. Ellie Sattler: wispy updo, medium blue shirt or tank, salmon pink large button up shirt rolled up at sleeves and tied at the waist, brown belt, khaki shorts, comfy hiking boots

Tim Murphy: orange striped shirt, blue paisley scarf, blue denim button up with short sleeves, khaki shorts, comfy hiking shoes

Check out our outfits! We had a blast being dressed up to greet our guests!

Next, you want to make sure you have a broad array of dishes both sweet and savory for all those carnivores and herbivores stomping into your kitchen! Here are some fun ideas!

Bugs in amber: lemon Jell-O with gummy bugs suspended inside. I messed up mine - I wanted those bugs right in the middle of two layers, but my first layer of Jell-O didn't set up as quickly as I thought and my bugs sank to the bottom. Oh well!

Triceratops Horns: your favorite flavor of Bugles snacks

Compy Droppings: chocolate and coconut covered almonds from Costco

Mr. DNA strands: cherry Pull N Peel Twizzlers

Brachiosaurus snot "God Bless You!": green pistachio pudding fluffy fruit salad (sometimes called ambrosia salad)

Montana Dig Parfaits: layers of chocolate gravel (found at WinCo's bulk section), chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, marshmallows, whipped cream and some official Jurassic World gummies

Costa Rica Sorbets: these are the most amazing thing at Costco. Little tropical sorbets in real fruit rind cups! They're delicious!

"Spared No Expense" Ice Cream: basically any good ice cream bars. We chose the Magnum from Costco. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Ellie is talking to John Hammond and eats some ice cream? "It's good!" "Spared no expense."

Jurassic Pork Butt - Hold on to your butts!: this is pulled pork in a crock pot, easy peasy. Look for pork shoulder butt (whatever that is?!) and throw it in your crock pot for 7-8 hours on low with some Dr. Pepper. So good with some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce!

Stegosaurus Tails: Li'l Smokies in a small crock pot with grape jelly, BBQ sauce and ketchup for 1-2 hours. Then stick some toothpicks in the end and it's a Stegosaur Tail!

"It's a veggiesaurus, Lex, veggie!": for the obligatory veggie tray. I did carrots and Veggie Straws.

Official Jurassic World dinosaur gummies: found at any grocery store right now. They're great, get some!

Dilophosaurus Venom: any green drink, we chose Mountain Dew.

"Look at how much blood...": red strawberry Fanta. Tim says this, fascinated as he watches the T-Rex tear up a Gallimimus in the first movie.

Sandwiches with fun meats: Ham - John "Ham"mond, roast beef - raptor leftovers, turkey - "That doesn't look very scary. It looks more like a six foot turkey!" - some dumb kid from the Montana raptor dig in the first movie.

"Now that is one big pile of sh$!" or Dino Doos: no-bake cookies

Trilobite cookies: These were provided by my lovely friend Cassi, in 4 different fun flavors.

We also almost made "where's the goat?" salad by making a regular spinach salad with goat cheese but we ran out of time and room in our tummies. It was a great marathon and we still have tons of  leftovers. Guess we just need to hold another party! In the words of John Hammond after his friends witness a bull being demolished by raptors: "Who's hungry?"