Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Charmander Mascot Cosplay

Hi guys! Wow I have a ton of content coming up so sorry if it's overload @_@ I will separate things into distinct posts so you can read it in bite-sized chunks (if your mouth is the size of Venusaur's...hahaha!).

FIRST: I made my friend a Charmander cosplay for the GEEX (Gaming and Electronics Expo) in Sandy, UT. The head is made of the Astrofoam stuff I used in Lugia and Blizzard fleece. Before I put the teeth, nostrils and mouth in he looked a lot like a ninja turtle:

pokemon red charmander cosplay costume mascot

Charmander and the plushie we used for reference :3

I used a basic animal costume pattern from JoAnn and modified it so the zipper (in this case the velcro) goes in back. I put some foam in the front to give it more dimension for the "belly" and stuffed the hips with polyfil fiber to fill them out a bit. The feet are foam and blizzard fleece. The tail is a foam triangle, lots of polyfil stuffing and blizzard fleece, while the flame on the tail is just fabric and stuffing. I also made little puffy gloves for the 3-fingered hands.

Here is the head after we added nostrils, eyebrows and Fimo clay teeth painted with clear nail polish to give them some shine:

pokemon red charmander cosplay costume mascot

My reference pictures showed that Charmander's head basically goes straight to his body with no thin neck, so when we made the head we just made it wide enough to cover the wearer's shoulders:

pokemon red charmander cosplay costume mascot

The eyes on the head are made from felt, green fabric and some black mesh fabric (for embroidery I think...it's called Aida cloth or something). The wearer can actually see out of the mouth because we carefully selected a red fabric that didn't look see-through from the outside. The tongue is just a small pink pillow basically. Everything is held together with hot glue with the exception of the seams in the fabric, which were sewn.

pokemon red charmander cosplay costume mascot

RAWR! Charmander is ready for GEEX, Halloween, and beyond!!


  1. Hello sailor, my name is colin i have been through all your works and i must say "AMAZING" u r pretty talented at this things which brings me to my question. Can you give me a lil tutorial on how to make professional quality costume without heavy machine or expensive materials. I need to make about 5 costumes, however, they are not complex just regular costumes like "hello kitty, spongbob e.t.c
    I would really appreciate your help thanx. email me at steincol@yahoo.com