Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pokemon Lugia Cosplay Progress

Here's an update to my costume progress!!

I have the wings pretty much done. I need to add a hole that the wearer can stick their hand out of, and add the thumb "feather".

Here's when I was laying out the wings to cut out the fleece fabric. Along the top edge of the wing I have glued down a strip of black vinyl (should have been white now that I think about it...) over some really strong wire for the user to hold up the end of the wing by a handle. Then there are arm straps with sticky back velcro attached:

Here's a layout of the entire "skeleton" of the beast in my living room:

This is the body/ribcage portion of the "skeleton":

Before I had the body together I wanted to get a sense of the scale of Lugia thus far (our ceilings are way too low in the house so we had to go outside). I had my husband go out and show me how tall it would look with the head and the tail. It's EPIC:

I am really loving the scale of this costume. It's so big but easily operable by the wearer so far. I just hope the rest of the fabric doesn't add on too much weight. Most of the weight will be carried on the shoulders but I may need a back support cushion in place to help hold up the tail also. It's getting closer...