Monday, April 18, 2011

Update: Lugia Mascot Cosplay

Hi guys! It's been a cosplay whirlwind around here lately...I signed up to be in a cosplay skit for Nihon Matsuri (Japan Festival) in Salt Lake City at the end of the month (I will be Super Sailor Moon and I have someone to be my Chibi!!), I was in a photoshoot for my friend's photography class as Sora from Kingdom Hearts II (one of my fave costumes to wear!) and I got some stuff done on Lugia while finishing up watching FullMetal Alchemist all the way through for the first time. Whee! The nerdiness has definitely made me feel like myself again :)

Here are some new pieces I've worked on for Lugia:

These are the inner foam pieces for the legs. The darts were then glued together and the calf pieces also, making just one seam along the back of the leg. I will be covering these pieces with fabric shaped to look like "digitigrade" legs, so it looks like Lugia is standing on his toes like a bird would. It doesn't look like much now but there will be flexibility in the knees since I didn't use foam in that area.

 I cut a bit more foam out of the arm pieces to lessen the weight even more. Next to the arm/wing, we have the inner skeleton of the tail! I used the same principle that is used in those wooden toy snakes that you wiggle back and forth on one axis but the vertical axis stays rigid. So there is one long solid piece vertically, and circular pieces that maintain the tail shape but allow it to move horizontally. This serves the purpose of 1) keeping the tail off the ground (it's gonna be covered in white fleece--easily soiled) and 2) giving the character some personality and realism with a moving tail. I only hope that the fabric covering will not hinder the movement too much.

And lastly here is a photo of the neck, wing and tail just to give you some idea of the scale:

This next part was whipped out in about an hour. I cut out ten pieces of foam in a rectangle/trapezoidal shape, made some fabric covers for them and voila! Lugia's back "spikes" are done. Easy Peasy.

Next part of the costume is figuring out the BODY. This is crucial because it connects all the pieces together. It needs to be the right size and shape, and I have to make some kind of pattern to cover it with the fabric.

ANGST. I hate making patterns XD


  1. You're going to be in Nihon Matsuri? How fun! Let me know when!

    Also, your costuming BLOWS MY MIND.

  2. Yeah! Our skit will be on the main stage at 12:15pm on April 30th. Hope you can come!

    Aww gee~ *blush* it really all started when I fell in love with Jurassic Park in '93. I was determined to be a monster maker for the rest of my life!