Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sailor Moon Brooch Pillow

During the summer between my junior and senior year at BYU, I moved home to AZ to look for an advertising internship. It was tough! There weren't many openings and I was pretty close to finding one through my friend's brother but that fell through. That was also the summer that I started chatting with my future husband over Facebook. I ended up moving back to Utah a month earlier than previously planned, since no internship turned up and of course I wanted to start dating this young man that I was so excited about!

That summer I got REALLY bored with no job or school. I had 2-3 boxes of fabric lying around from the days I worked at JoAnn. I would buy things on discount just because they looked pretty. I have quite the variety of shiny fabrics and I saw that I had all the right colors to make Sailor Moon's first season brooch! I used my toy version as a reference, although the one in the show is all gold with no pink background. I think it's cute either way. I love the use of gold and pink on all of Sailor Moon's magical items! It's so whimsical and fitting of a princess.

sailor moon brooch locket compact pillow plush plushie
Progress pic

I made the crescent moon out of gold lame (pronounced la-meh, but I couldn't figure out how to type the accent...), which is a really cheap fabric and frays super easily. I had to double it up so it would have the strength to hold together. I made the crescent and all the jewels as separate little pillows with a cheap white backing fabric, then sewed them onto the main pillow. I outlined all the jewels with gold rope trim by just gluing it on. Trying to sew that on would have been a nightmare for sure.

I used a pink sequined fabric for the top background, and just a matte pink fabric for the back. The outer rim is just a simple tube, stuffed and sewn on to the circular pillow. It was a challenging piece altogether, but very rewarding to make. I put it up on DeviantArt. Pretty soon a young "Moonie" from the Midwest was contacting me with the desire to buy it. Her grandma was the one who called me and she had the most adorable accent. We worked out a price of $25 plus shipping (which later ended up costing more than I had I didn't make as much. Lesson learned!). The recipient was SO happy and told me that if I made any more pillows to contact her first! It was a really fun experience and its always great to meet more "Moonies" that share the same obsession :)

sailor moon brooch locket compact pillow plush plushie
sailor moon brooch locket compact pillow plush plushie
sailor moon brooch locket compact pillow plush plushie

Someday I plan to make the Crescent Moon Wand and maybe some of Sailor Moon's other brooches. Getting the motivation to measure out everything and get the right shapes in there is the hardest part, haha. Wish me luck!

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  1. Omg!! I love this so much! Could you please make me one? Please email me back...
    Thank you-Rachel :)