Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Napoleon Dynamite Face Wall of Awesomeness

Here's a really random project I worked on while I was attending the LDS Institute of Religion across the street from Mesa Community College in AZ. I was on the Institute Council, and we were responsible for all the fun activities for our students, including dances and "Friday Forums" where we would have a speaker, musical number and food afterward. It was a place for young single adults to gather and mingle together. Who knows how many dates/marriages resulted from our efforts? Haha.

Anyway, we had a huge party where we rented a bunch of carnival games, had cotton candy and popcorn, karaoke and lots more. I suggested we have a "face wall" where people could poke their heads in and take pictures together. Our council leader Bro. Hunter took all the photos from that party and compiled them into a slideshow video for the classes to watch later on. It was so much fun!

On our face wall we have Napoleon, Pedro, Deb and of course Tina the Llama! I stuck to simple lines and of course simple coloring since we didn't have long to work on it (and because I really didn't know how to draw people well). I like how it turned out though, and the students had a ton of fun playing with it. I think one girl even got her head stuck in Napoleon's face for a bit. She got out eventually and laughed it off (thank goodness!). It was a fun idea and it was awesome to have such a big role in the party itself!

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