Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fabric and Wire Doll Wings

A close friend of mine wanted me to be a part of the Asian Ball-Jointed Doll hobby (ABJD for short) and sold me one of her smaller dolls for a truly decent price. These dolls are at the center of a huge community of enthusiasts that buy clothes, eyes, wigs, accessories and parts to make their dolls beautiful. There are many styles, including dolls that look like anime characters or have animal-like features. Whatever the case, there is something for everyone. Since they are fully jointed, you can pose them any way you like for pictures, giving them a more lifelike quality than you can get from regular dolls that only bend at the base of their limbs.

The doll I have is called a Mythdoll Little Leroi. It is an androgynous, flat-chested doll that you can dress as either gender. He looks good as either a male or female. He has a sweet, innocent face and long, slender limbs that hold their poses fairly well. The joints are connected by elastic.

I wanted to make a set of wings he could wear, and drew up a design based on anime wings. I sewed one long wire into the wings and made a little "U" between them that I can stick in the back of his clothes or tie onto his waist with a ribbon. The first material I used was a bit wrinkly and not as stiff as I would have liked, and I made a few mistakes on it. Nevertheless, I was excited enough to take a few pictures of Leroi wearing his new set of wings!

I liked the design so much I bought a large piece of felt and went to work making about 12 more pairs. I currently have them for sale at my etsy shop. You can check them out at http://www.etsy.com/listing/45150938/felt-and-wire-angel-wings